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Described as "the future of Ramen" by ChopSticksNY.com, chef Wayne Carrington reinvigorates authentic Japanese ramen noodles with the Caribbean zest of his native Trinidad. A customer posted to Roc-N-Ramen’s Facebook page that the broth is so good they take it in a go cup after dining.

Roc n Ramen eatery is a charismatic, warm and inviting experience. The food is amazing and even upon entry there is an alluring energy that guides you.

A soothing mosaic of the titillating Caribbean spices, tranquil Zen-like Asian influence and the sway inducing rhythmic sounds preparing you for an exceptional encounter!

"Ever since I've come in, it's just delicious, the food is great" a customer told ABC 7 News New York.

Having both spent time in the Air Force and being former NYPD “Chef Wayne” Founder, Culinary Artist and Visionary now translates his passion for life and service into every noodle.

At an early age Wayne's passionate affair with cooking began while watching his mother and grandmother dole out warmth, compassion and kindness to friends and family in steamy recipes and dishes of his native Trinidadian cuisine.

"Roc-N-Ramen serves far and away the best meat of all the ramen we tested, a heavily seasoned and braised pork belly that melts in your mouth and brings out the flavor of the slow-cooked pork bone broth."
- Lohud.com part of the USA TODAY network

One day after watching a film about ramen with his family Wayne was compelled to try some. He waited over 2 hours in line at a NYC Ramen shop to experience authentic ramen noodles…after he tried it… he knew instantly his life would be changed…and he could help others as well.

The fresh “farm to table” food, amazing textures and artistry…the thought of the combining Asian spices mixed with his hometown Caribbean spices fueled his curiosity into a new passion and that first bowl was the spark.

"Has a growing base of noodle geeks declaring it as worthy as Manhattan ramen shops."
- Westchester Magazine

After many diligent searches and a multitude of rejections for someone who could teach him locally, Wayne headed to Japan. What was meant to be 2 weeks turned into 6 months of learning and cultural immersion.

Today chef Wayne Carrington continues to grow his brand of Ramen noodles, even being mentioned as a must visit destination by posters on TriperAdvisor.com

"The velvet ropes are up in front, attesting to its popularity."
- New York Times

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